Monday, September 7, 2009

Why are you STILL shopping at your SUPERMARKET???

Hi again, we are back after a huge break - kid health issues, and study and assignments due by the bucketload - so, time for nothing else. However, we are back on track and keen to keep the Melaleuca message alive. I (Ruth) have had plenty of time to think about how amazing the Melaleuca journey has been for me while caring for the midgetkid, and other people need to know!

I became a Melaleuca customer primarily for health reasons. Sorted out eczema and fatigue
and psoriasis in my immediate family, and saw one extended family member come off blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds. Two came off antidepressant medication (long term users, off these for over one and a half years now) and I now sleep the whole night through, something I have struggled with all of my adult life.

I cannot put a monetary value on those things. My family's health is worth something beyond money. To see a loved one decrease their risk of dying prematurely, or to be measurably happier and more well - priceless. However, the COST of the products responsible for those health gains, is considerably less than the store-bought equivalents - so we are also saving money. Plus, because we have told others about the products, and they have tried them and liked them, we now earn a small but well received income . . . to have better health, and a likely longer life - worth millions.

However, because people are interested in money, and often scared to get involved in something new, I would like to just add a thought re the promise of income from Melaleuca: if a regular customer of Melaleuca enrols 8 customers that also become regular (monthly) customers, they are guaranteed $150 per month (minimum). If they enrol one other customer per each month, the amount jumps to $180. To earn that in interest, you would need to have approx $40 - 60,000 in the bank. That is an excellent gain, and pretty much passive income.

If you help other people to do the same, and continue to support them, you are also entitled to extra commissions - and can earn large amounts. While the income is residual, and leverage is used to achieve this, all of the big earners at melaleuca actively build their businesses - and actively support people in their own organisation to do the same. They give of their time and energy, and often without expecting or asking for payback.

The business is designed so that in order to build a business, you MUST help others do the same. Frank Vandersluit (founder) did not want it to be a business where someone sat back while other people earned for them, but instead for people to earn their own income at the level they wanted to. You can't grow rich with Melaleuca without working it yourself.

This is a huge contrast to our normal consumer habits where we buy products from supermarkets etc whose value is hugely inflated, because the manufacturers, advertisers, wholesalers, retailers and shareholders all need their cut.

We are consumers - we buy the end product and pay
plenty into the pockets of all of those other people.

When you buy shampoo, conditioner, soap or laundry products from most stores, even ECO-FRIENDLY ONES - you only get what you pay for - you are the end user, and everyone else has had their cut first. you are not going to get an income if you keep buying the same things from the same stores. However, with Melaleuca, I buy from the manufacturer, a portion of my money goes to other customers, but I have a chance to earn commission myself - something impossible in the normal business model.

I pay NOTHING for my own health and beauty and homecare products, because my commissions cover these - my stress levels are reduced because this is one less household expense to worry about, and I feel better about myself because I am acting in a more environmentally friendly manner. Again, it is hard to put a monetary value on all of these things - I simply FEEL better all round. And if my feelings change, we simply stop being Melaleuca customers, and look for something different - no strings no worries.

Come on in and join us - the water is fine, and there is so much to be gained!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Press Release...

hee hee, we made the PAPERS - North Lakes Messenger plus a couple of their affiliates . . . Gotta be done!!!!

Motivated Mums: Changing the World One Household at a Time

Join the Australia Wide Campaign: 10% by 2010 . . .

Do you know what is in your household cleaning and personal care products such as shampoo, toothpaste, dishwasher liquid and laundry products? Are you aware that many of these may contain harsh, corrosive chemicals known to be toxic to humans and the environment - chemicals so dangerous that you would be sued for putting them on your pet, and yet they are used across Australia on a daily basis, even on children? It has been said that before you leave the house of a morning, you may have come into contact with at least 160 chemicals in your ordinary everyday cleaning and grooming products. Do you know what these are, and how they might affect you?

When you have a minute, read the backs of the bottles and boxes in the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket. Ask yourself why it is necessary to have childproof lids on dishwasher products. If their contents are THAT dangerous (and they are - dozens of children that ingest them are hospitalised each year, some even dying) - WHY is it ok to use them to wash the plates and glasses that we eat and drink from? The same question could also be asked of many items in that same aisle.

Until a year ago, Ruth Leach (pictured here holding Cameron Malinao) had no idea about the toxicity of some of her regularly used household products, or how this might be impacting her family’s health.

“My sister challenged me to ‘read my labels.’ I did. And I was shocked. I immediately put my old products in a box, and left them on a shelf in my laundry, not knowing how to get rid of them. Some of them are still there, because I don’t want to pollute the environment with them. Only a year ago I would have had no qualms about pouring them down the sink. I then purchased an entire house-lot of eco-sensitive cleaning and personal care products from Melaleuca the Wellness Company - renowned for products that are safer for home and family . . . . and was amazed at the results. My infant daughter’s eczema cleared up, the entire family has healthier skin, and our dishwasher always smells divine. We are saving money (because the products cost less per use, and also there are 3 aisles in which I no longer shop at any supermarket) staying healthier, and protecting the environment. I am so happy to use these products around my daughter, and even for her to ‘help’ me with the cleaning without fearing that her health will suffer. My elderly parents also made the switch, and eliminated both dermatitis and eczema, while saving their precious $$$.’

Ruth started sharing the chemical-free message with friends and family - and also complete strangers - and as a result when she met Veronica Malinao in a Parent’s room some months later and started chatting, Veronica (seen on the right) very quickly saw the sense of making a change in her own household. She finds that these products are more effective than those she once used, while costing considerably less because they are highly concentrated, thus saving her a lot of money - something she and her husband appreciate, being on a modest income.

Now Ruth and Veronica have made it their mission to spread the word about the dangerous levels of chemicals in family homes in SE Qld, and to encourage other motivated Mums (and Dads!) to join the Australia and New Zealand wide campaign to reduce these levels by 10% in the next two years (by the end of 2010).

They have started hosting free workshops in Strathpine on ways of reducing chemicals in the home while at the same time saving money. These are held at 10:30 on Tuesday Mornings at A Mother and Baby Hub, 429 Gympie Road, Strathpine. There are giveaways, demonstrations and free samples at each workshop, and a lucky door prize each week - all (of course), human, pet and earth friendly prizes!

These Motivated Mums are happy to come out to community groups and hold workshops or give demonstrations, seeing this as a valuable community service, and one that will truly make a difference.

Veronica and Ruth have started a blog, and welcome the comments and input of like-minded people.
The video shown at the link below is particularly thought provoking, and a must-see for anyone with a young family, or intending to start a family.

Contact us if you want more information.

Ruth and Veronica

Thursday, July 2, 2009

10% by 10

Our mission is to help reduce the level of toxic chemicals in South East Queensland homes by 10% in the next two years . . .

Thats 10 x 10 (10% by 2010) . . .

We need MORE PEOPLE to join us, so come on Mums, lets make this happen . . .

p.s. click on newspaper article to see it full size . . .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's get motivated!!

Welcome to our Blog! It's very exciting to share this information with other busy mums such as ourselves. We want to spread the message of health and wellness to other mothers as it has helped our families. I have a young family of 2 energetic little boys and a husband who requires care due to an accident a few years ago. I am also a full-time uni student and a very busy mum who is very aware of how important our role is as mothers to care for ourselves as much as we care for our familes. I think mothers are the glue that holds families together and it is my mission and passion to help other mums lead a more productive, healthier life through support, encouragement and a brilliant opportunity to enhance their lives.

Come and join us on our journey to be more motivated, live happier, healthier lives :)

"Look better, feel better, be better!"



WHAT'S IN YOUR CUPBOARDS? I would like to put out a challenge to all Mums out there to read your labels, and ask you to decide whether it is time for you to change to healthier, safer, products, and save yourself money in the meantime - even earning some extra money if you would like to do so?

Are you tired, run down, depressed, needing to lose weight, wanting your life to change but don't have the energy to make it happen? Read on . . .

In July last year, my sister asked me if I had ever read the labels on my cleaning products. I did so, and what I found shocked me. Poison warnings galore, and a list of ingredients I would be jailed for using on my dog. But here I was, cleaning the loo, floors, windows and surfaces, not to mention OUR CLOTHING, with toxic harmful products.

My baby had eczema, my husband psoriasis, and me - dry itchy skin and cracked hands . . . We were tired, run down, and lacking vital energy.

My sister then introduced me to a brand of personal and home products to try out . . . safer for my home, better for the environment, and MORE COST EFFECTIVE than any other brands on the market. No caustic ingredients, no phosphates, nothing that will kill our fish, wildlife, or our kids. No hydrochloric acid in the dishwasher liquid . . . nothing that threatens anyone or anything, including the Ph levels in our dishwasher.

The baby's eczema disappeared, never to return. My husbands psoriasis settled down so he was not constantly using his usual toxic chemical medicine prescription, and my skin calmed down also. The supplements helped me lose weight, regain my energy levels, and the baby to sleep through the night because my breast milk was better quality. I was also spending less time and LESS MONEY in the supermarket - because there are three aisles that I no longer walk down - particularly the cleaning aisle. No need to, because I have superb products delivered directly to my door every month.

I introduced other people to the products, friends, family, seeing similar health results for them.

As a result, I earned a modest commission, enough to pay for all my home products, including skin care and cosmetics, bath and shower products, and health supplements and sports products.

My family is healthier physically, and also financially. So are my friends. It has been a joy to see my friends start to earn a little extra for themselves, while getting health benefits.

I am comfortable with every product we have in our house, knowing that the baby will never end up in hospital, or worse, because she has drunk any of the poisonous products available in the supermarkets.

My husband is happy, because we have a small (and growing) supplementary income coming in each month, taking the load off him to provide so much.

Do it NOW. Read your labels and make the switch to a healthier, safer, financially sensible brand.

Go to or for more information . . . your family will love you for it, and so will your bank manager!!!

If you have the courage, go to this link, and watch the video all the way through - especially when it talks about the personal care chemicals . . . it is absolutely horrific, and we need to ACT NOW to change it for our future generations!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to all MOTIVATED MUMS!

"if you want to predict the future, create it yourself"
Wally Lewis

Welcome to all MOTIVATED MUMS visiting this page. We hope you will join us in discussions, commenting, and of course, also jump on board with our campaign to get Queensland homes free from toxic chemicals, and enhance the health and wellbeing of your family, and learn how to enhance the health and wellbeing of your family FINANCES at the same time!

That little hand at the right hand side says it all. We are the guardians of the future, and those fragile little people need us to make the right decisions now. When you are just one person on your own its not always easy to manage as well as you would like to. We all need the support of other women . . . Together, we can make magical things happen.

Veronica and I are two ordinary Mums with fairly ordinary challenges: little kids and partners and homes to manage, money to juggle, and a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. We face a few extra difficulties as well - Vee manages a long term care situation, and me the challenge of being 48 with a toddler!!!

We know that way too many households out there are struggling to make ends meet, and that all too often, Mums like ourselves are trying to hold it all together and finding doing so difficult.

We have started this group as a means of mutual support, but also to invite other Mums to join us so that we can all benefit from the support of others in our situation. Along the way we hope to have a few laughs, learn from the success stories of others, and create a team of women that work together to create a healthy thriving community. All you need in order to join us is the desire to enhance your life, and an open mind . . . and an hour a week to meet up and make it happen.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our meetings very soon!